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Launch of our HIV Rapid Testing in selected Pharmacies across Cumbria

Saturday marked the beginning of the National HIV Prevention Week and we are pleased to announce the launch of our 'In the Community' project which will enable people to get a rapid HIV test done in selected local pharmacies around the county. This project won't just last for this week though, we have been funded by Public Health England to provide this service till November 2017.

CLICK HERE to find where you can go to get a rapid HIV test done and get more information about the project.

Barriers around sexual abuse and violence services in Cumbria.

We are looking for people to take our Barriers around Sexual Abuse and Violence survey.

We have been commissioned by the Police and Crime Commission of Cumbria to find out what the barriers are for LGBT people who have been victims of sexual abuse and violence. We would like to know specifically what barriers you or someone you know may have come across and what the end result was. If you would please fill out the next few questions as honestly as possible, bearing in mind all results are anonymous. We would like to hear about LGBT stories and from those in the LGBT community, though friends and family who helped them through this may also fill this survey out.

Click here to answer the survey: CLICK HERE

We would like to thank you for your participation and remember that if you need any help or support around this issue to contact The Bridgeway: 0808 118 6432


Who We Are

OutREACH Cumbria is the main service provider for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* support, advise and engagement in Cumbria. Our physical services currently only reach the North of Cumbria, but we do work county wide and are here to help anyone within Cumbria, and the surrounding areas as much as we can.

We have a range of different services, groups, projects and opportunities on offer. If you would like to find out more about these, please have a look around our website.

Would you like to donate? Either a one off payment or a monthly fee, every penny really does help us provide the vital support to the LGBT community in Cumbria. Click here if you wish to donate.

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We launched our Celebrate exhibition on Friday and it looks AMAZING! Please nip down to Tullie House in Carlisle to visit the full exhibition, which explores the hidden LGBT history of Cumbria. Thank you again Tonia for all your hard work on this project and everyone who was involved.

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If you are interested either fill out the handy form below or email: info@outreachcumbria.co.uk


There is a lot going on this October in Cumbria with our Elements Festival. Take a look: (click on the images to make them bigger.)


We are always looking for new volunteers to get involved with our organisation and the many projects within. We have a range of different opportunities for you all to get involved in.

We don't look at volunteering like most places do, we want to know what you want from us, not what we want from you.

Contact us to find out more.