Our Stonewall Train the Trainer Courses, which helps train staff on tackling Homohphic, Bi-phobic and Transphobic (HBT) language and bullying in schools are set to run in December 2015, February 2016 and March 2016.

It is a sad fact that this type of bullying does happen in every school across the country, not only within our county. Stonewall  Train  the  Trainer  courses  give  staff  the knowledge,  tools  and  confidence  to  train colleagues on tackling HBT language and bullying and supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* (LGBT) young people. It will also help your staff to come up with ways in which to talk to students about the use of language and how it can affect people.

To give you an idea of how bad HBT language and bullying is in schools:

55% of lesbian, gay and bisexual students say they’ve experienced homophobic bullying, and almost 9/10 secondary school teachers say pupils regardless of sexual orientation experience it in their school, with 9/10 also hearing homophobic language (phrases like ‘that’s so gay’) in school.

Almost half of primary school  teachers say  pupils in their school  experience homophobic bullying and 7/10 hear homophobic language  – phrases like ‘that’s so gay’ – from pupils.

(Statistics from The Teachers’ Report (2014).)

As part of OutREACH Cumbria’s work, we are helping the children and families of HBT bullying and we do see the raw end of the effect of such bullying. This is why we are passionate about trying to get all schools across Cumbria involved in this training. Not only will you be trained in dealing with HBT bullying and language, but you will be awarded the title of Stonewall Champion for your school, which comes with lots of help and support from Stonewall, and speaks for itself when OFSTED come around for inspections.

Not only will you be getting the support from Stonewall as a Champion school, you will also have the full support of OutREACH Cumbria, who not only work with the County and Local councils, but the Education Board and OFSTED. 

We are delivering three sets of training:

16th December 2015 – for Secondary Schools

10th February 2016 – for Primary Schools

9th March 2016 – For Secondary Schools

 (There may be more sessions for Primary Schools if the demand is there.)


All training will be held in Penrith.

Attending  this  course  means  your  school will receive  year-long  membership  of  Stonewall’s School Champions programme, including an extensive pack of resources, free access to Stonewall’s School Role  Models  programme  and  ongoing  support  and  guidance.  All  this  –  the  course  and  a  year’s membership – is just £150 per delegate.

But don’t take our word for how amazing this training is. Here are some quotes from previous attendees from this course:

‘Without a doubt the most helpful training I have attended in 17 years of teaching!’
 ‘Superb range of ideas that will introduce staff to the practical aspect of tackling homophobic behaviour.’


(Feedback from courses in 2014-2015.)


To book, please go to our homepage and use the online booking form or get in touch if you have any questions.