We are currently setting up a new project working therapeutically with clients experiencing difficulties related to gender and sexual diversity. To that end we are looking to recruit a number of qualified therapists and counsellors throughout Cumbria to join us.

As the issues faced by LGBT people are distinct and not specifically covered in most therapeutic training, we are offering a free two day training package (to be held in Carlisle on 24th and 25th February). We offer the training free of charge on the understanding that attendees will offer ten free hours of therapy to our clients in exchange. Our longer term goal is to secure funding to pay our trainees to offer sessional work as private practitioners where OutREACH Cumbria will be the referral source. In order to practice with us therapist will need to hold/obtain a current DBS (less than 3 years old) and their own indemnity insurance.We are offering this training free of charge on the understanding that attendees will offer ten free hours of therapy to our clients before they are able to practice with us as a private practitioner (costs Deadlines for applications is 14th February 2018 - NB this is the revised deadline and supersedes info on other documents

Please download the files below, read through them carefully and if you are interested in applying please fill out the form below.

Therapist Post Advert.pdf Therapist Post Advert.pdf
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Application Form

Telephone Number(s)

Please record below the details of your current or most recent employer.


Please provide one reference, preferably your current supervisor


Please tell us in no more than 250 words why you are interested in this position and what makes you a good applicant


Please give details on where you are able to see clients, are you able and willing to offer appointments outside of your local area? Are you willing and able to offer telephone or skype sessions?


Are you able to attend two days of training in Carlisle on 24th and 25th February 2018?

Are you willing to provide 10 hours of free therapy to reimburse training costs?

Deadline for applications is the 7th February 2018